writing prompts

Personify two objects, real or abstract, and describe a scenario that might lead to them developing a romantic relationship.

Pick a person you have seen but never spoken to, and write your first conversation starting at minute twenty-four.

Describe the view from a place you have seen but have never been to.

Pick something that you don’t want, and write about wanting or needing it.

Write the titles for books you have not written or read.

Re-title books you have already read.

Narrate your tomorrow.

Pick a memory, not a trauma, that you’ve never admitted to and explain it to someone you’ve just met.

Tell off your boss/teacher/authority figure.

Narrate what you thought of the last time you were left at home alone.

Write the worst possible scenario for your next five minutes.

How would you get back from where you’re sitting to where you were born? Do not use words relating to direction or locomotion.

Write your own prompt.

How would your …more