taken literally: fair price for an infant?

Question courtesy of Yahoo Answers:

Dear Love Geek,

My friend asked me if I wanted to watch her daughter so I didn’t have to go back to work and could stay home with my son. She is 6 weeks old: what is a fair price a week? Is $100 too much?


beybee momma

That’s a very good question beybee. Baby pricing has actually been a hot topic in recent months. Like most markets in today’s economic climate, infant trading is quite volatile and subject to the strange temperaments of Asian markets.

Check out this story from the New York Post. One mother paid as much as $180k for her child! But don’t worry, that isn’t typical. The articles cites $100k as the baby-broker’s base price.

But before we start breaking down the monetary value of your friend’s daughter, it’s important to note that, according to this article, an average child …more