Top Geek? Sports Geek? Num Geek? You might be wondering who all these geeks are, where they might live, whether they’re single and where you can find their cell digits.

Well, I am Top Geek, Sports Geek, Tech Geek…. and you should get it by now. The geeks are a handy way for you to only see the posts you’re most interested in, and for me to organize my projects.

I started this website in September 2011 as a home for my misfit writings, so that they may be free from the shackles of my tiny 100-something gig hard-drive. I had just moved to a new city to prepare myself to enter a graduate program in English, and made a pledge to write one page every day while I was there. Lifebygeek is a place to publish those pieces I produce on days when I’m most insightful, intelligible and interesting that might not fare too well in the traditional publishing process.

You might be wondering how an English major who necessarily spent his college education debating over the meaning of the sperm orgy chapter in Moby Dick gets off calling himself a science geek, etc.

Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions! I was never an English major, though I am to this day confused by the inclusion of many chapters in Melville’s masterpiece. I studied physics in college, and also ran track. It is from these experiences and many others that I draw the authority to author this site.

If you’re now looking at the string ‘author’ in ‘authority’ with a funny face, this site is for you.

Happy reading!