fitness training is brain training

Anyone who has been a part of athletics or a fitness community has likely heard this question in regards to a particular exercise:

“Yea, but what muscle(s) does it work?”

I have been asked this question by my collegiate teammates, friends, family, and strangers at the gym. I am never offended by it, but the asker is often disappointed with my response.

“I don’t think you’re asking the right question.”

Granted, for some people it is the right question. If you’re a body builder and one of the judges in your last competition complained about how your forearms are wider than your calves, it’s the perfect question. But I am not a bodybuilder, most people are not bodybuilders, and I have never been asked this question by a bodybuilder. A bodybuilder would answer it much better than I could.

But as a collegiate-turned-recreational athlete, training your body by isolating and activating specific muscles is like …more