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I was fiddling around on my YouTube account today when I noticed that you can now see a navigable transcript of whatever video you happen to be watching. In other words, you can click on a given line in the transcript and skip ahead to that moment in the video.

Their transcription code needs a little work though; here’s YouTube’s take on a poem I recently performed at the Austin Poetry Slam. It’s got a real ring to it. I might even opt to perform this version the next time I get on stage.

this poem is called reduce reuse recycle

the weddings as i a grandmother underbelly behind k so never recommend
something up for those of us forty hot
but seriously injured
where did they considered
i never asked

they didn’t mind that when when twenty two-year-old didn’t read it
political one
but this is able to come around some of the world another day
could be out of a million years they like
disability and mike Tyson

the name bologna sandwich banners inapplicable
does and what exactly do maintains that i think they have a very personal
in my stomach acid is involved in the stands for
there’s a bit of carbon bouncing up and once they hailed filled with grand
center next to greta van susteren
it was there the graveyard flowers for sabi
that sometimes doesn’t

there’s a proton might need to know
those at risk
one of the limousines and
for selected we blow up and going out and said what the all different on
excusal what what about your are definitely needs its investigators is an
interesting anticipated it all seemed alone

minority part of the top of that the
it said
what do you think you made up

and there’s no need summer planes and reads
that i mean graham was bothered grandpa’s wisdom must be called out the
patrons by major retail while levels through the eighty s might work was in
nineteen eighty-five again soon

but wasn’t i don’t believe in havana
but i know
i know that all my fault pieces were depriving myself
will continue after

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